About MCNJ

Our Religious Leaders
Our religious leaders whose knowledge and guidance is useful for all
Imaam Jawad Ahmed

Director of Religious Affairs

Qari Rafaqat Farooqi

Imaam MCNJ Masjid

A place for spiritual healing and community engagement
MCNJ provides programs for whole families including adults and children to enrich their souls through worship and education as well as engage them through social activities and community building programs.
-- Imaam Jawad Ahmed (Director of Religious Affairs)
Islamic Philosophy
Quran – The Book

Divine revelation of the words of God/Allah to the last messenger Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) over 23 years of his life as a messenger in Makkah and Madina.

The Spirituality

Purpose of Islam is to breed spiritual life in the souls of its adherents and make them spiritually connected to the Master of this whole universe – Allah.

Muslim Community

It is a group of people who adhere to the faith of Islam and practice daily rituals in their routine in order to get closer to God/Allah. Thus it breeds unity amongst the members of community through their networking activities.

Help The Poor

Islam lays a heavy emphasis on helping the less privileged people of society as it’s their religious duty to take care of their fellow citizens as a means to please the Creator of all humans – Allah.

Islamic Knowledge

All forms of knowledge emanate from The Quran and thus Islamic Knowledge is a conglomeration of all types of knowledge that exist in this universe so there is no bifurcation of knowledge in Islam! This means social sciences, physical sciences and everything else are all part of Islamic knowledge.

Find Your Inner Soul

Every act of worship in Islam leads the people to discover their soul in such a manner that they protect themselves from all kinds of evil and race to perform good deeds for the satisfaction of self.

Board of Trustees
Their Guidance and Direction means a lot to our Community Center
Dr. Mohamad Javid
Dr. Muhammad Siddique
Dr. Susan Szapiel
Br. Ilyas Quadri
Br. Nazam Mohammed
Keeps our Community engaged and connected to MCNJ

Br. Amjad Iqbal

Br. Shahzad Ahmed 

Br. Najeeb Khan
Amir Events Committee

Br. Rayees Pawaskar
Amir IT Committee

Ahmad Mohamad
Amir of Funeral Service Committee

Br. Syed Masood Al
Vice President

Br. Mubasheer Syed
Amir Maintenance Committee

Br. Ozair Omarzai
Amir Outreach Committee

Br. Tazeem Ansari
Amir Outdoor Activities

Sr. Aneela Naqvi
Amir Sisters Affairs

Br. Rameez Rathore
General Secretary

Br. Naeem Saleem

Br. Rashid Ali
Amir Security Committee

Br. Kamal Khwaja

All Amir’s of various committees work with a lot of volunteers from our community who are always eager to help. With the help of our Community members and Volunteers, we are able to support and maintain our Masjid, and keep it lively with all the services and events that we provide.

We are in constant need of volunteers and people who are knowledgeable and willing to help in any way, can reach-out to any of our Amir’s above and suggest the contributions they would like to make. We encourage and appreciate your efforts that can only help improve our services at our Masjid, it is always our endeavour to make it the best place for our Community.

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