Mayor McCormac Recognizes January as Muslim Heritage Month in Woodbridge, New Jersey

On January 12, 2024, Woodbridge Mayor McCormac made a significant stride in fostering inclusivity and cultural awareness by presenting a proclamation officially recognizing Muslim Heritage Month in the Woodbridge township. 

Mayor McCormac, renowned for his commitment to diversity and community engagement, delivered a compelling speech emphasizing the importance of Woodbridge’s diverse heritage. He also utilized the stage to acknowledge Ozair Omarzai, Remsha Ali, and Nazam Mohammed as integral members of the Woodbridge Muslim community and important figures within his circle.

Members of the city council, standing in unity with Mayor McCormac, expressed their support for the proclamation, signaling a significant step toward recognizing the Muslim community of Woodbridge. Nazam Mohammed, a Woodbridge Board of Education member, added his voice, highlighting the educational aspect of such initiatives. Remsha Ali followed along, calling attention to the positive impact of the proclamation on promoting tolerance and acceptance among students.

The event drew together various Muslim constituents, who proudly attended to witness the proclamation of Muslim Heritage Month in Woodbridge. Many expressed their gratitude for the recognition, viewing it as a validation of their contributions to the community. 

The event itself became a platform for dialogue, where residents had the chance to engage with local Muslim leaders and community members, further strengthening the bonds within Woodbridge.

This proactive step by Mayor McCormac reflects a broader trend of municipalities recognizing and appreciating the diverse backgrounds that make up their communities. Muslim Heritage Month allows residents to learn about the Muslim community’s traditions, customs, and achievements and further work to dispel prevalent stereotypes. The January 12, 2024 event will be remembered as a milestone in the ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and united New Jersey where every resident’s heritage is acknowledged and celebrated.

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